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Deep Tissue - what and why?

Throughout our lives, the activities and inactivities that we part-take in, can create tension and adhesions. Our tissue (muscle, tendon, and fascia) can become restricted in movement. We feel stuck - literally. This is what we mean when we say - "I have a knot"!

Typically, these knots are old, and have been around for a long time, becoming chronic. They are crying to be touched. Deep Tissue massage is in fact a deeper form of therapy. It reaches beyond the skin level, and below the superficial muscle, to the deep muscular level - offering relief to deep tension. A variety of techniques are used, and therapists have different approaches. My style is to allow the body to give me direction, invite me to palpate the knots, or adhesions. I use friction, deep compression, and elbows to bring relief from this distracting pain. I am skilled at knowing your pressure limits, but I will also encourage verbal communication if the pressure isn't suiting your needs.

Great Reasons to Receive Deep tissue Massage:

Chronic pain

Limited Mobility

Recovery from an injury (post acute)

Repetitive strain injury


Postural problems


Muscle tension or spasms

*Studies have indicated that this approach is more affective in some cases than chiropractic, exercise, prescription medication, acupuncture, and diet.

With all massage therapy - you will want to hydrate for the next 24hours afterwards, encouraging the toxins to eliminate and returning the body to homeostasis.

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