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Ashiatsu/Deep Tissue Massage

My table massage style is a wonderful blend of long strokes, broad foot pressure, focused tension relief, and stretching. Ashiatsu and Deep Tissue Massage can assist with chronic pain, and every day stress - I believe a great massage is one of the healthiest gifts that you can give to yourself. I am a detective when it comes to massage therapy, finding the hidden trouble zones that have been your nemesis for years. I will leave you feeling whole and nurtured.

Traditional Thai Massage

There is nothing like Thai to affect your physical being and energetic being. Thai is given while fully clothed, and on a mat. It is comprised of stretching, movement, compression, joint mobility, and massage. It is nicknamed "the lazy-man's yoga" or "passive yoga" - so whether you are athletic or not involved in an exercise regiment - you will reap the benefits.

Pregnancy Massage

Massage is the perfect approach for inducing relaxation during your months preparing for new life. My table is created to support a growing belly, with comfortable cushioned openings for the belly and chest. You will feel relief while I am able to massage away your aches and built up tension.

Relaxation Massage

Purely relaxation can bring you to a state of peace and bliss. Allow me to lull you into this place, so you can release your mind and be in the pleasure of nurturing touch. I will use lighter pressure than I would with Ashiatsu/Deep Tissue, ending each area of your body with feather strokes, creating a calming sensation guiding you into deeper relaxation.

Motor Vehicle Accident Recovery

After the acute phase of an injury has passed, it is ideal to begin treatment on the soft tissue. This will increase the rate and efficiency of healing, especially during the repair phase which the body goes in and out of depending on activity. It is important to use massage to decrease scar tissue, increase joint of motion for the joints, and alleviate soft tissue pain.

I accept prescriptions from MDs, NDs, LaCs, DCs, PTs, and Osteopaths; and then I am able to bill your auto insurance carrier for ongoing, regular massage therapy session. I recommend weekly visits, along with the addition of other health care services. Massage can be an essential element in the recovery process.

I may use a variety of techniques in a session.

All Photos by Lisa Skaff

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