The Practice of Yoga

I am a graduate of a Teacher Training program through Yoga Bhoga in Portland, OR. During my program I learned the art of teaching with clarity and intelligent sequencing, the foundation of Yoga philosophy, Anatomy, and so much more. I am excited to use over 14 years of personal yoga practice and massage therapy, to help others find yoga in their lives. I would love to teach a brand new student, as well as a student who is looking for more physical guidance or challenge. I am available for private sessions, and well as group classes.

oga has become a foundation for my life, as it offers me a perspective for my values, my emotional state, and for my physical wellbeing. I can check in with myself - and identify what is my inner dialogue? The time I spend on my yoga mat is a meaning time for centering, gathering, nurturing my inner and outer self. My personal practice has helped me throughout many difficult phases in my life, as well strengthened my courage, and given me peace. I can more easily identify my state of mind, my energy level, and my receptivity toward others. Yoga reminds me of who I am, who I love, and how to be present in a reality which is constantly changing

My offerings:

* Guide you into a home practice

* Teach group yoga classes - Hatha or vinyasa (Beginner to Advanced Intermediate)

* Help you find poses/sequences which fit your personal needs

* Help you develop confidence, self love, and strength

* Introducing or improving Standing poses, Inversions, Back bends, Arm Balances

* Pranayama (breath work)

* Foundations of Yoga Philosophy

I've become a person who welcomes mistakes. As I get older, I really do feel that my mistakes lead to improvement, and help me transform. This trial by error, ultimately brings heightened confidence. I like to see myself be 'not great' at something I try, because I know that if I keep trying, I will be 'better'. That is exciting . So, in yoga, I love my practice to challenge, push me towards the edges - allowing just enough fear to guide forward movement. I want to encourage others to face that hesitation, and witness it shift. I can create a peaceful, safe space, but can also show you how capable you are to meet your edges.

There are many ways to approach a yoga practice. I feel each person who embarks upon the study of yoga will find a unique way to live the practice. One substantial and direct path is to use the asanas (poses) to embody the philosophy. The movements of yoga can connect us with our breath, our mind, our consciousness, and of course - our body. Using the poses allows openness, release, harmony, as well as strength and stretch of the tissues. The relationship with our body, will bring us closer to our inner self.