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Hans Stenfert Kroese

About Me:

Originally from Aruba, Hans obtained his Physical Therapy degree from Ithaca College, NY. He initially received a Physical Education and a Sports Massage degree in the Netherlands. After spending over a decade in California, where he obtained a masters in Manual Therapy. He has been employed for major hospital in the Portland area for the past 18 years where he treats orthopedic clients.

Hans specializes in soft tissue mobilization; a type of massage which involves passive joint motion. His focus is on restoring joint motion, reducing pain, and helping with tissue regeneration (muscles, ligaments, tendons) while creating the relaxing massage experience.

He also treats running related injuries, foot/ankle dysfunction, and trains injured athletes with specialized workouts, mileage recovery schedules, and cross-training exercises. Areas of expertise also include disorders of the spine, lower, and upper extremities.

Hans' sports background and drive to push his own limits of endurance (ultra-marathons) enables him to motivate people to live better and healthier lives. He embraces a wellness philosophy.

Education: Physical Therapy Ithaca College, NY

460 5th St. Suite D, Lake Oswego

Available: Wednesday 6-9pm, Sundays all day


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