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Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage is over 2000 years old - it was developed to assist in long seated meditations - giving relief to the monks.  Over the years, it has become beneficial for many more people, for many more reasons.  It has deep roots in acupressure, meditation, energy, and holistic healing. This style of bodywork is great for the inflexible person, as well as the very athletic - and can help with deep tissue tension, and so much more.

Thai massage is the beautiful combination of passive yoga stretches, massage, movement, reflexology, and energy work.  It is given on a comfortable mat on the floor, with the client fully clothes.  The therapist uses his/her body to access many different areas of tension and tightness.  this style can be invigoration or extremely sedating - many rewards are possible, depending on the clients needs and abilities. The massage moves deeper to the inner energy levels - helps clear the mind, improve concentration, increase vitality, increase flexibility, and achieve better overall health.

The benefits of Thai Massage are quite global - affecting the physical, mental, and psychological being.

How you can benefit from Thai massage:

Boost immunity
Increase Circulation, lower blood pressure
Muscle relaxation, improve flexibility
Improve breathing
Correct body alignments
Remove energy blockages
Improve athletic performance
Help with back pain, joint pain
Slow the aging process

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