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Karen Hunt

Keeping you active and doing what you love.

I graduated from the PT program at the U. Of Vermont, with a minor in Sports medicine/athletic training.   I headed to CO where I ran my own PT/Sports Medicine clinics for over 13 years.  I went back to school in 2009 and became a licensed massage therapist in CO.  I love the diversity of having multiple specialties that really all work together.

I enjoy working on all ages, whether you are like my high school kids and need that neck/back massage, or an aging weekend warrior that needs help keeping active and injury free.  Through my own life experiences, I have come to appreciate the power of a healing touch.  I aim to bring skill, knowledge and compassion to every session.


Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

Post Surgical Soft Tissue Massage

Pain Relief and Relaxation

Back and Neck Stress Relief Massage.

Exercise Instruction

Online scheduling

460 5th St. Suite D
Lake Oswego, OR 97034


Thursdays 9:30am - 1:30pm

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